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J and J Flea Market

  11661 Commerce Rd, GA 30607  Athens
  United States

  +1 706-613-2410

   Saturday 8am–5pm
   Sunday 8am–5pm

About Market

Open every weekend. All year long. Saturday and Sunday 8am-5pm. We have about 1,200 selling spaces for you to save and make money. You will find old stuff, used stuff, fun stuff, new stuff at J&J Flea Market.


If you can put up with bad driveways, you may find interesting items there. From fresh fruits and veggies to mixed treasures! All in the eye of the beholder!! - Cesar Garcia

I sell here every weekend. Very friendly people. Always willing to help. So many diffrent things available for purchase. Everyone is sure to find something they need or want. - Jennifer Michelle Eisweirth



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