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Jamies Flea Market

  46388 Telegraph Rd, OH 44001  South Amherst
  United States

  +1 440-986-4402

   Saturday 8am–4pm
   Wednesday 8am–4pm


Have frequented this flea market location for a long time and was introduced to it by my fiancé. A lot of good people and great sales on all sorts of items- nostalgic, movie and music and other types of memorabilia. I am saddened that the Star Trek and sci-fi vendor passed away a few years ago when I first came here but received a very good a couple of items I was looking for and he was courteous and down to earth to make a good deal with. Miss him and I wish I could have given a lot more business for what he had and extremely good shape the items he had were in. Definitely a great place to see what the sales and features are. My recommendation- stop at least one. You won't regret it. - D.A.

THE BEST FLEA MARKET IN OHIO. Such a small area to work with yet they managed to pack so many vendors inside and out. All the vendors that I came across were super polite and friendly. Bought some jewelry and that was it. Wish I had more time to stay. - Elizabeth