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Columbus Farmers Market will be open for shoppers between December 24th and 27th, 2020
It is one of the largest and oldest flea markets in Delaware Valley

December 17, 2020: The Columbus Farmers Market will be featuring thousands of outdoor flea market items and over 65 indoor retail stores.

The vendors at Columbus Farmers Market will showcase variety of fruits and vegetables with a flair for Asian and Latin recipes, eggs, fresh flowers, Italian delicacies and many unusual gourmet delicacies.

The indoor market timings are:
Thursday 6.30am to 3pm
Saturday 7.30am to 2pm
Sunday 6.30am to 3pm

The Outdoor market timings are:
Thursday 8am to 3pm
Friday 10am to 8pm
Saturday 8am to 8pm
Sunday 8am to 5pm

The flea market is located at:
Columbus Farmers Market
2919 Route 206
Columbus, NJ, 08022


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