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Mile High Flea Market

  7007 E 88th Ave, CO 80640   Henderson   Nevada   United States


  Friday 7am–5pm
  Saturday 7am–5pm
  Sunday 7am–5pm

  Open-air market with vendors selling food, antiques, clothes, bikes & more.

About Market

Mile High Flea Market—Denver’s oldest and favorite flea market—has a rich history, heart and soul. Our loyal shoppers looking for new and used items far below retail prices come back weekend after weekend to experience traditional, community-oriented, open-air shopping and incredible prices among friends, family and Denver’s diverse population. A fixture in the Colorado community, as well as a draw for visitors from the entire Rocky Mountain region, Mile High Flea Market was founded in 1976. In those days, people sold their wares in the parking lot of the Commerce City dog track. Ten years later, the flea market moved to its current 80-acre location at the corner of I-76 and 88th Avenue, where it has thrived for more than two decades.


This is a really cool place! Tons of shops selling anything and everything, food stands, rides (though I'm not sure I'd ride them), and even beer. We found local wildflower honey and some beautiful produce. It was really fun to walk around and see what everyone was selling but the market section was my personal favorite. The produce looks nothing like what you see at the grocery store. It's glorious! - Dani Ray

This place was awesome, love the vibe here and the people are very friendly and make sure you carry cash and wear your walking shoes because the place is huge and a lot of walking and wear a hat it gets hot out here , theirs some kiddie rides too like a carnival. The food area was awesome. So next time I’m gonna finish the other half of the flea market. Some good finds. - UndyingPanda Begay

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