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Pendergrass Flea Market

  5641 U.S. 129, GA 30567   Pendergrass   Georgia   United States


  Sat & Sun: 9am - 6pm      

About Market

At La Vaquita Flea Market, it’s our mission to provide a unique place for families to come together and enjoy a cultural experience right in their own backyard. We have over 500 vendors from countries all over the world. Our 700+ selling spaces include new and used merchandise, seasonal vegetables, freshly made food and so much more.


Only open on the weekends but hands down the best FleaMarket I've seen so far. You can buy food, pets, Victoria Secret, washer/dryers, appliances, dirt bikes, toys ect.. it's an indoor amusement park for kids and adults! Check it out! - Megan Hardnett

Unique items to everyday necessities, this market has everything you can think of! Makes for a fun day trip for the family! - Charity Zierten

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